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How Can I Combine Two Images in One Page PDF?

Convert your images into a PDF file and merge them in one page. Use the professional JPG To PDF Converter and PDF Page Merger apps for making it possible.

Can I Merge 2 or More Images in One Page PDF? YES!

Images are usually stored individually, and you need to compile them in a file for making One Page PDF. If your images are in raw order, we recommend you to combine them in a PDF file. You can use JPG To PDF Converter tool to make a PDF of your images. Now, input your image PDF to the PDF Page Merger tool for making one page PDF of your images. You can get JPG To PDF Converter and PDF Page Merger apps for your desktop from their official websites.

First, we need to use JPG to PDF Converter to convert images to a multi-page PDF file.

JPG To PDF Converter Screenshot

JPG To PDF Converter Tool and Its Fantastic Features

JPG To PDF Converter is a highly professional program that lets you put together thousands of image files in one PDF. It uses a high tech mechanism for converting images into a portable document format, and PDF conversion finishes quicker than other apps.

JPG To PDF Converter Easy Tutorial For Users

JPG To PDF Converter is a high-tech yet easy to operate app, and you do not need to be proficient in computer knowledge to use it.

1. Get ready for PDF conversion and select your images. You can select JPG and other image formats at the same time for PDF conversion. Input your images to the 'File List' menu. You can also upload your image files by following these instructions.

1. Push the "Add" option and upload your images in batches to the File List.

2. Drag your images and input them to the File list.

3. Insert your images in a folder and upload it to the app using the "Add Folder" icon.

Note: Users can also insert metadata such as author name, date, subject, title, and keywords for the output file.

2. Adjust the compression value for your output file. This feature lets you customize the resolution of your images.

3. Finally, press the "Convert Now" button to kick start the merger of bulk JPGs into a PDF.

When your image PDF file is ready, process it in PDF Page Merger.

PDF Page Merger Screenshot

PDF Page Merger Tool and Guide to Combine Multi-page PDF to One Page PDF

PDF Page Merger is a users' favorite desktop tool that lets them merge two or more pages of a PDF file. However, the custom selection is also available, and it also lets you adjust the page density in output files. A page for density is the number of pages adjusted on one page. If you are running low on space in your PC, consider getting the portable version. The portable PDF Page Merger works on the plug-and-use principle.

Let us guide how you can fit pages of an image PDF on one page.

How to Use PDF Page Merger

Use these easy instructions to fit two pages of your image PDF into one page quickly.

1. Open the PDF Document

Press the "Open File" icon because this icon allows you to open the PDF document we just created by JPG To PDF Converter for a merger.

2. Select All Pages Option

Use the "Select All" option to select a complete PDF file. Now, set the "Merge Every" list to 2; every two PDF file images will be adjusted on one page.

Note: Don't forget to tick mark the page numbers in the page list column if your goal is a partial merger.

3. Start Page Merging

Set all your options and push the "Merge Now" icon to initiate the merger. Few minutes and your double images per page PDF file is ready to use.

Additional Features of PDF Page Merger

Page Size

PDF Page Merger lets you take direct prints. You can custom the page size of your output file by using the Page Size list. Or you could get your prints in standard A4 size. Check the page list to see included page size.

Password Protection for Output File

Use the instructions below for adding password protection to your merged files.

1. Use the Edit drop-down menu and click on the "Open Password" option.

2. The pop-up dialogue box lets you insert protection code for your output files. Input your password into the dialogue box and press the enter key or click OK. Your output file is secured now.

Password protection is an additional feature of PDF Page Merger. By adding a passcode, no one can access output files unless they provide the right code.

Download PDF Page Merger

JPG To PDF Converter Download: https://www.jpgtopdfconverter.com/download.html.

If you want to combine multiple PDF files into one single PDF file, you may need this PDF Combiner tool.