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How To Combine Two A4 Pages on One A3 PDF

PDF pages cannot be merged by using Adobe Reader. That is why the majority of the users take refuge in third-party PDF tools. A lot of reasons may push a user to merge PDF pages and reduce a PDF file size. However, some of the most prominent benefits of PDF page merging are listed below.

- Light on the storage space of your PC

- Better organization of your work

- Significant reduction in document cluttering in your PC

- Easier to protect data in one big file

- Concise and tightly fitted page viewing

PDF Page Merger App for Windows

PDF Page Merger is a fantastic app that helps users save their money on printing heavy PDF files. You can merge two or more pages of PDF files on a single page in seconds. The PDF with linked pages is not only print-friendly, but they are also easy to transfer over the internet. Furthermore, the PDF Page Merger app also has a huge page size list for the output file, making it easy to fulfill your requirements.

PDF Page Merger Download

Top 5 Prominent Features of PDF Page Merger

The internet is flooded with substandard PDF tools. These tools are obsolete in technology, or they pose a threat to data security. That's why you must use a professional PDF tool like PDF Page Merger.

1. Adware & Malware Free

PDF Page Merger is a professional tool, and you can download it directly from its official website. Most of the PDF pages merging programs are designed to penetrate adware and malware into your PC. The different games and apps that came with the PDF tool are also a big reason for slowing down your PC.

2. PDF Page Merge without Losing Formatting

The merger of PDF pages is a prime function of the PDF Page Merger. You can merge as less than two pages or the entire PDF file on a single page. The merging process is quick, and you do not lose the formatting of the pages. The merged pages are only reduced in size for better adjustment.

3. No Install - Portable Version

The portable version of the PDF Page Merger is not restricted to a single PC. You can download it in a removable storage device and use it anywhere without installation by connecting the storage device. The portable version is convenient for office use due to its easy usage.

4. One Page PDF

PDF Page Merger is an absolute savior if you are running out of printing pages. You can adjust an entire PDF document on a single page and print it out. The one page PDF is extremely useful if you want to make a collage of photos for printing. Make a PDF of your photos and adjust them on one page by using PDF Page Merger. Voila — you have a beautiful collage ready for printing!

PDF Page Merger App Tutorial for combining two A4 pages on One A3 Page

An A4 page is relatively smaller than the A3 in size. Hence, adjusting more A4 pages on one A3 page is not so hard by this PDF page merging tool. Use the following steps to fit two A4 pages on one A3 page.

merge 2 A4 pages into A3

Step 1: Add PDF File

Open your required PDF file in the PDF Page Merger app window. You can find the "Open PDF" button right below the File menu.

Step 2: Choose the Number of Pages

In this step, choose the number of pages you want to combine. The "Select All" button lets you mark all the pages at once for the page merger.

Step 3: Page Number Selection for Output File

Below the Page List, you can find the "Merge Every" option. This option lets you customize the page density. To adjust two A4 pages on a single A3 page, set the Merge Every list to "2", and set the Page Size option to A3.

Step 4: Start the Merger

Finally, use the "Merge Now" button and kick-start the combining process of the PDF file.

Note: Please do set the page size for the output file to A3. By default, A4 is the page size for the merged PDFs.

Download PDF Page Merger