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How to Print Multiple Pages on One Page PDF

Select the number of pages and fit them into one page or merge every two pages for printing by the PDF Page Merger program.

PDF files are best known as print-friendly documents because they do not lose their formatting in new devices. This PDF feature has both good and bad aspects. The good thing is that you can take prints without being worried about the formatting of your document. However, you cannot eliminate formatting errors. For example, a blank page or lose formatting must be printed because PDF files are not editing friendly.

How to Print Multiple Pages on One Page PDF to Save PDF Printing Cost

You cannot edit a PDF file to rectify errors in its formatting or reduce the font size or delete the blank pages. Still, you can save both the printing cost and trees by a smart trick. You can use the PDF Page Merger software for adjusting your PDF pages on fewer pages. Yes, you got it right! This tool is a savior when you want to fit two or more pages of your PDF documents on one page.

PDF Page Merger Tool and Its Tutorial

Paper waste has become a serious issue, and it is affecting our planet adversely. If you want to support green Earth PDF Page Merger can help you with it. PDF Page Merger is a professional program that aims at reducing paper wastage. By using PDF Page Merger, you can mix the non-editable PDF files and fit them into tight formatting. You can custom the number of PDF pages to fit on one page. The best thing about PDF Page Merger is that it is highly portable, and you can carry it anywhere is a flash drive.

- Drag-and-Drop Feature

- Highly Portable/ USB friendly

- Multiple Language Support for Non-English speaking users

- Adware free: no annoying advertisements

- Place together multiple PDF pages to one page

- Merges 2 PDF pages into one page

- Prints PDF pages on a single page

- Saves printing cost

Let us go through PDF Page Merger's quick tutorial for adjusting multiple pages on one page.

Video Tutorial - How to Combine Several PDF Pages Into 1 Page

All Pages into One Page Tutorial

Use this three-step instruction manual if you want to merge all PDF pages into a single page. You can increase/decrease the number of pages per page as per your requirements.

1. Input your PDF File for Merger

PDF Page Merger has a decent and minimal user interface which suits the majority of the users. Click on the "Open File" option to give access to the program for your file.

2. Choose All Pages Option

PDF Page Merger lets you merge full or particular pages of your PDF file on one page. To create your one-page PDF, click on the "Select All" option. Tick the pages you want to fit on one page. Press at the "Merge All" option to adjust your pages on one file.

3. Start Page Merger

After setting all the values, push the "Merge Now" icon of the PDF Page Merger application and wait for a few seconds and voila! Your selected pages are precisely adjusted on one page without losing visibility.

Other Useful Functions of PDF Page Merger

i. Output Page Size

PDF Page Merger is a complete utility, and you can take prints of your output file immediately after the merger. Page Size List provides you the option to get your prints in A4 and other common page sizes. For best results, do check out the Page Size List.

ii. Password Protection For Output Documents

Use the following instructions for adding password security to your output files.

1. Open the "Edit" menu and press the "Open Password" option to add security code to your output file.

2. Proceed with the Password dialogue box and enter a strong code in it. A strong password is a combination of symbols, numerals, and alphabets. Press the Enter key to seal your output file with password protection.

2. At your computer screen, you would see a Password dialogue box. Enter your password in it and press OK. Your output file is secured by password protection now.

Adding the passcode protection is not mandatory, and skipping it does not affect the merger. However, you can add a passcode to open access to the output file.

Note: Password-protected files cannot be accessed without using the code.

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